Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Paint Job and Some New Knobs

I am a firm believer in thrift store and curbside shopping! In fact, many of my own lovely furniture pieces around my home started out in thrift stores or gracing the curb in my neighborhood. Sure they may appear bedraggled and sad while sitting in the thrift store or catching rain outside, but once you get the item home, cleaned up, and sometimes spiffed up with a little paint job and some new hardware, these castaways can be wonderful! Here is my latest project...
This little 4 drawer chest started out in a thrift store, white and dirty. I added some fun new paint color and voila...a lovely new addition to my home!

Since I saved money on the actually piece of furniture, and the paint was left over from a past project, I thought I would splurge a little and add these adorable polka dot knobs from Anthropologie! Don't they just give it the extra oomph it needed!

So next time you spy that old furniture item sitting lonely in the corner of your local thrift store, or decorating somebody's trash pile, take a closer look and you might find that it's really a treasure after all!

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  1. In Japan, people put items that still work but that aren't wanted any longer on the curb, kind of like some people do here with a "Free" sign. It is called a gomi pile, which sounds much lovelier than, "Check out what I dug out of my neighbor's trash." Which is my #1 favorite place to find new furniture!



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