Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Wonderful Vintage Valentine Find!

The other day I stumbled upon this really big, beautiful vintage valentine card and knew immediately that it would make a wonderful collage piece. Here are the results...

The actual valentine card measures almost 11 inches across! I haven't found such a large vintage valentine before, so I think that it is unique. It is also hard to tell in this picture, but it is actually a couple of layers, giving it a bit of dimension. For such a large valentine, I think it was lucky to find it still intact, thanks to finding it saved in a big scrapbook of vintage greeting cards. I will be sure to take pictures of the vintage scrapbook to show you this amazing find!

I sewed the valentine card onto some pretty vintage blue with white polka dot fabric, and then added some stiffness with some blue felt for backing. I think the little girl, with the kitty and dog are simply charming!

Practicing my ruffle making skills, I added some vintage pink fabric to the edges to give it a little more character. Then, I added some more fabric in a pretty light blue, with larger white polka dots (not vintage) in strips to each side. I really like the ripped, unfinished edges of fabric and have been using it a lot in my art lately.

Using a light pink thread, I added some fun zig zag stitches. Again, I like the unplanned, free look of this.

Here are some more close up pictures so you can see the details...

Of course, a valentine just isn't complete without some glitter, so I added some red to the heart!

So the valentine is ready to hang, I added some pretty light blue vintage seam binding, by sewing it through the top corners and knotting each end.

This lovely creation is for sale at the Glitter Workshop, along with some of my other Artsy Fartsy valentine goodies and greeting cards, so be sure to stop by soon before it goes home with someone else!

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