Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Vintage Goodness

I realize that lately I have been terrible at sharing with you my recent vintage finds...so sorry. For those of us who love vintage treasures, we all know that there is a small part of us that is always on the hunt for wonderful vintage goodies for that next art project, our latest collection, or to keep and squirrel away for another day. I can honestly say that not a week goes by where I find myself stopping at, at least, one thrift store, to check for vintage linens, kitschy goodness, paper ephemera of old, and other gently used goodness! And as a regular reader of many other blogs, I love seeing the pics of other people's thrifty treasures...so I promise to be better...starting right now!

Here are some fun finds I got during my recent trip to the Junk Bonanza in Minneapolis...
After digging through piles of vintage reading flash cards, I thought these two were so wonderful! And I think it is unusual to find flash cards with such cute sayings! I can't wait to use them in some future collage creations!.

This vintage enamel pin was simply calling to me from across the room! I envision using it in a necklace by drilling some small holes in each of the leaves and then putting something wonderful in the center! Ahhhh, the possibilities!

Finally, I loved this puzzle piece of Wisconsin. As I came upon the pile of old game pieces, the Wisconsin piece was simply sitting right on top, front and center, clearly waiting for me to purchase it...so I did. Again, the possibilities for use are endless...whether it be in a collage piece or jewelry, I just don't know yet. The other items are a set of vintage plastic flower buttons and a small vintage angel ornament! Simply too cute to pass up.

So there you have it. I am sure I will have new treasures soon and promise to share again, and once I actually put these items to good use, I also promise to make sure I share the end result with you! Till then...

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  1. what great finds!!! I wish I'd gone over to Junk Bonanza!



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