Monday, October 4, 2010

Jennifer Maroney - Artist Extrordinaire!

Do you ever meet somebody and instantly have a connection? You simply know that they will be a good friend? Someone who has the same humor as you? The same likes and dislikes? It is a crazy experience...wonderful and odd all at the same time! Well that recently happened to me on my trip to the Creative Connection! Jennifer Maroney was a fellow vendor at the Handmade Market and every time we would pass each other, it was like seeing a friend I have had for years! She is funny, bright, and a wonderful artist and I wanted to take a moment to share her art with you.

Jennifer creates wonderful and inspiring paintings, as well as beautiful journals!

To check out her art, be sure go to her website by simply clicking here!

Now that Jennifer and I have found each other and our obvious friendship, I am sure we will have more adventures and stay in close contact! Thus I promise to keep you all posted!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Alisson! What a lovely morning surprise! And yes, there will be adventures, I am sure of that! Have a great day!



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