Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Handmade Birthday!

Yesterday was my sister's 33rd birthday! I wanted to share with you what I gave/made for her...a handmade apron and an autographed Pioneer Woman Cookbook by Ree Drummond!

My sister loves The Pioneer Woman Blog! She introduced me to it a few months ago and I too am now hooked! It's funny and sweet and creative and a good read every day! I encourage everyone to check it out if they have not already done so! You can simply click here!

By sheer coincidence, The Pioneer Woman was a guest speaker at the Creative Connection and I was fortunate to have a chance to meet her and have her sign a copy of her cookbook for my sister! Now one might think that somebody who writes a blog that is read by a gazillion people, has written a wonderful cookbook, and may have a movie made about her life, would be like any typical celebrity and not very friendly...not Ree Drummond! She was so sweet and funny! I told her all about my sister's love of her blog, and that my family too has a love for Basset Hounds!

This is Ree's Basset Hound, Charlie. My mom has a Basset Hound named Emma. It is really hard to explain to people what it is like owning a Basset Hound to someone who just hasn't experienced it...let's just say it's not just having a pet, it's a lifestyle!

Anyhoo...Ree was so kind and signed a sweet birthday message to my sister!

To top off the birthday gift, I made an apron for my sister! It was my first time making one like this and I was surprised at how easy it was! I picked out some cute kitty fabric because my sister has two cats, and one is all white, just like the fabric! And polka dots because...well I love polka dots so I usually add them to everything! That fabric was used for the back of the apron, the pockets, and the ties.

All in all I was very proud of my birthday gift for my sister! It was so much better than my past gifts of gift cards or store bought items that she may or may not like. To give handmade gifts is so much more wonderful and I truly love doing it. I think it tells the person receiving the gift just how much you love and care for them!

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