Friday, September 24, 2010

It was a good week!

This week has flown by...but it was a good week!


In addition to my art, I am a social worker. I have now been in this profession for the last 6 years, working with children and families in the community. I love my job and I love social work. Yes, it is a stressful job, but I feel that it is a very important job, and with my art, I have a good balance in life! Passing the LCSW exam is a big milestone for a clinical social worker such as I. Only social workers who have their masters degree, has passed a prior Advance Practice exam, and completed over 3000 hours of direct clinical service with clients can take the exam. Once you have accomplished all that, the exam is the final big hurdle. So this week I finally leaped over that hurdle and it feels so good to have it behind me now!

In addition, after a week gone, we will be back at the Farmer's Market tomorrow in Madison as an art vendor! The Dane County Farmer's Market is so beautiful this time of year! Everywhere you look signs of Fall abound, from pumpkins and squash, mums and other Fall flowers, to apples and happy Madisonians dressed in warm sweaters!

So, if you are in the Madison area tomorrow, be sure to come downtown and check out all the fabulous fall scenes and art! Oh, and I am starting to pull out all the stops for Halloween, so you will be sure to find lots of fun Halloween cards and original art in my booth! Hope to see you there!

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