Sunday, July 15, 2012


Some new art journal pages & the details that make me smile!

A hodge podge of snippets, memories, & lovely things, such as a sweet note from my momma, a pretty Moo mini card from Curly Girl, & picture of a beautiful statue!

It's the little things that I love & the ones I strive to notice more!

Recap of an art fair adventure mixed in with some snippets & thoughts! I love collecting the ephemera of my, name tags, business cards...

Art fairs are truly adventures. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always an adventure! Each a challenge & a delight in their own unique ways!

I had to do a page celebrating my love affair with tomatoes! Next up, lettuce!

My patio garden is so lovely & special to me this year! I am sure the journal will have several pages dedicated to it. Here i try to document Mr. Gnome & some of the magic he brings to my little garden...

I even captured a little magic in an envelope to show you!

I have 2 la la lovely days off now after working 7 straight days in a row! I am sure naps will be taken & art will be done! I am also contemplating some swimming, thrifting adventures & perhaps a drive in the country! Come back soon for a glimpse.

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  1. I truly love your journal pages. So alive and filled with joy! I will definitely be back to visit your blog. I love it here.



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