Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Don't Forget To Smell The Flowers!

It seems like life has been busy & full lately, sometimes too full, but I have been trying hard to make sure there is a balance of work, fun & relaxation.

For example I have been having a blast playing in my new kayak! Great view huh?!

On Monday I had the day off & so my mom & I took a little road trip, enjoying the adventure of going off the beaten path, with a dash of thrifting added in! Here are some of vintage treasures found...

And with scenes like this, who wouldn't feel happy & relaxed?! This is at Mirror Lake, WI. It's this beautiful lake near Wisconsin Dells that I can't wait to go back & explore some more!

When I feel stressed again in the future, which is inevitable, I am going to go back & look at these pictures to remind myself to take time to smell the flowers!

Balance in life = happy, healthy Alisson!


  1. Love love love your photos! So glad you and your Mom had a great time! I so want to learn to kayak! Miss you!!!!

  2. Your red kayak makes me want one!



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