Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Little Break

In addition to my art & the business of Artsy Fartsy (doing art fairs, stocking up on products, applying for shows, wholesale & consignment orders, etc.) I also work a full time job as a social worker. So often I am working to accomplish & balance both! Sometimes it works out great & sometimes it can be daunting, but for the most part I find that my art is a wonderful reprieve from the social work world, helping me relieve stress & have fun!

Still, especially in the summer, life gets very busy as Artsy Fartsy always has shows on weekends & I am still working full time at my day job, adding up to basically 2 full time jobs. This past weekend was really busy, as we had the Farmers Market on Saturday & an art fair in Oshkosh on Sunday. This led to lots of production hours in order to get ready & have enough art in stock, 2 days of early (like before the sun came up) rises, & a car trip. Still, it was a good weekend & I was delighted to see so many returning customers in Oshkosh! What an amazing compliment when people come to art fairs & look just for you! And of course, I really couldn't do any of this with out my best friend & partner in crime, my mom! She is amazing & I feel so blessed to have her support in this crazy art adventure!

So, since we got back home on Sunday night, I have taken a little break & not done too much artsy fartsy stuff. Although I still am working during the days as a social worker, my nights have been filled with some relaxing & fun activities!

Swimming at the pool! So lovely after a warm day! Can't wait to go back!

And kayak shopping with family!

Even my mom's dog Emma helped with the decision making!

After lots of trying out & thinking about what would be the best choice, we settled on a cherry red kayak that I have named Poppy! I can't wait to get out & explore the lakes & waterways around Madison! We have some lovely ones!

Next weekend Artsy Fartsy has no art fairs & no farmers market as there is another event occurring in the downtown area for the weekend. I will have to do some social work stuff, but I am positive I will get to break Poppy in & maybe find a little pool time too!

Breaks like these always help me get artsy again too! I am already getting the itch to paint, cut, glue, sew & get crafty & it's only been 2 days! So be sure to stop back soon!

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