Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Damn Pretty Collage Jewelry Box!

Here is a brand spanking new vintage jewelry collage box! Just crying out to adorn somebody's dresser and hold all their sparkly treasures!

Still on my flower phase of repurposing the vintage Christmas light reflectors, this one comes with three pretty buttons on the inside!

From the flower down it's a bunch of fun! With pieces of a vintage book page making up the stem, pretty polka dot patterned paper, lots of paint and other artful goodies.

Here is the quote..."life would be so much easier if I weren't so damn pretty!" Now come on, admit it, we all have days where this is an issue!

I found this lovely lady in the bottom of an antique store bin! Isn't she divine!She was simply calling to me from the bottom of that old bucket of pictures, saying "take me home with you and make me into some art!"

The top of the box isn't the only thing that's pretty, the art goes all the way around!

And here is a shot of the inside, just perfect for all your jewelry!

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