Saturday, July 30, 2011

Repurposed & Reloved!

OK, so maybe I just made that word up...reloved, but it sounds good doesn't it? I mean that is what happens when I find some fun, thrifty, vintage treasure and I reuse it in a way that it was never meant to be used, but it feels just oh so right! So that is what happened here in my brand new collage...

Can you guess what the pretty flower is made from? If you said a vintage Christmas light reflector than you are right! ( prize money is awarded, just good thoughts and a virtual hug from me!)

This fun little red, white and turquoise collage is made with lots of fun layers of paint, some wax oil crayons, pretty patterned paper, buttons and the vintage light reflector! Here is a close up of the details. Oh and the stem of the flower is a scrap saved from the measuring tape printed on the envelope of an old sewing pattern! I just can't throw anything away can I!

See, even the sides are pretty! I have a whole stash of these vintage reflectors and I can't wait to add them to more fun art! Just think of the possibilities!

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