Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mermaid Jersey Skirt

Well first let me say i am sorry for my absence lately from the blog. It has been crazy busy here in Artsy Fartsy land with lots of shows, work, and plain old stuff. But some of that is now winding down and I feel like I can breathe again! Yay! And that means getting back to regular blogging! Despite my crazy schedule lately i have been doing lots of fun art and sewing, being sure to snap pictures along the way! So here is a little catch up...

I finally tried to sew with jersey fabric and let me tell you it was lovely! At first I was a little nervous that it would be slippery or difficult, but it was easy to work and lots of fun! Here is the result...

I had been eyeing this wonderful and fun mermaid fabric at a local store, Gayfeather Fabrics, for months and I finally broke down and got it, deciding it would make a fantastic summer skirt!I just love the colors and aren't the mermaids just so fun and funky!

For a little extra oomph, I added a ruffle on the bottom using some pretty vintage orange, polka dot fabric! I still need to add pockets, but I have been wearing it already because I just love the results!

I have lots of other projects I have been working on, so stay tuned, I promise, for more blog posts soon!


  1. Love that... The polka-dots add to the "happiness factor",


  2. Do you know what this fabric was called, or who made it? Thanks!



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