Thursday, May 19, 2011

Springtime Flowers & A New Vintage Collection

Well my Easter decor is all packed up (I was a little late on that) and now I am enjoying the Spring time with lots of pretty colors and, of course, some wonderful flowers for my tabletop, including tulips and lilacs! I just love all the blooming trees and lovely flowers this time of year. There is something that definitely rings true about Spring being a time of new growth, fresh starts, and a welcome after the long winter.

Also on my table top sits this fabulous plastic doily place mat that I scored at a thrift store a while back! Just love the fact that it is both pretty and kinda kitschy! Along with some candles, both sitting in vintage dishware from my random collection (random meaning it's just things I like!).

Now remember during my last post I said I was saving a few pictures to show you later, images of items that I want to start collecting? Well here they are! I just love the vintage planters in these great colors of yellow, pink, & turquoise! Ranging in price and condition, I often spot these at antique stores and estate sales and have long admired them. Well now I think they would be another lovely vintage collection to start for my mantle this summer (as if I need a new collection but oh well!). Aren't they pretty?

So far I only have a few small ones, but it's a good start and one I know will grow as the summer goes on! Do you have any new vintage collections? I would love to hear about it!

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