Friday, January 21, 2011

Tea For Two & Two For Tea

These are the words to an old song..."Tea for two and two for tea. Me for you and you for me..." I can't remember how the rest of the song goes or from what old musical I saw it being sung and danced to on, but it was definitely running through my head when I was creating this handmade valentine...

One of my favorite things about the vintage paper valentine cards you can find are the catchy and kitschy play on words they often use...

I mean, come can't get better than "I'm all steamed up over you my valentine. You suit me to a tea!" That is just kitschy gold I tell ya! Kitschy gold!

So as soon as I spotted this vintage valentine I knew it would be lovely with some polka dots, vintage lace, red tinsel wire, and a cute little polka dot button!

You can find it for sale on my Etsy shop here.
Wouldn't it be a sweet gift to your fellow tea drinker or that special someone? Or better yet, give it to yourself to remind you of how special you are all on your own!

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