Thursday, December 30, 2010

Such a Handsome Snowman (and not a shower taking burglar)!

So so sorry that I haven't blogged lately...I have been trying to be good and catch up on paperwork for my day job this week, so my motto has been "no fun for Alisson till her paperwork gets caught up!" And of course, blogging is fun. But I finally gave into my temptation today and thought I would just do a quick post on one my lovely new thrift store acquirement!

Meet Frosty...

Isn't he handsome! I found him at one of my local thrift store haunts for the whopping price of $8.00! He is so big I had to give him a bath in my shower because he wouldn't fit in my kitchen sink, and he was covered in a little bit of dirt and cobwebs. I made the mistake of leaving him in the shower to dry and forgot about him...then when I opened the curtain to take my own shower...well lets just say a rather not small squeak of fear came out of my mouth till I realized who this short person just really was! I don't know if he is old or just made to look old but I sure do like him!

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