Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blessed with Friendship!

One of the most fabulous side perks of Artsy Fartsy and participating in art fairs has been my new found friendships with some amazing, fun, and talented artists! Now that I have been doing shows for 4 years, these friendships have grown as we all keep running into each other at various art fairs and markets! It's so lovely and fun. Not only are these people creative and talented, they are kind and funny...the very best kinds of friends if you ask me! For example, my friend and jeweler extraordinaire, Sarah DeAngelo, recently made this oh so kind Ode to Friendship Etsy treasury, just to let her friends know how much she cares! See...what did I tell you? I am blessed with good friends! The treasury included my own original collage design Best Friend.

I created this piece using a wonderful vintage postcard. Don't these two ladies just look like they have a hoot together! I like to think too that the picture was snapped just after they had a good belly laugh. The kind that makes your stomach laugh and your body tired! The kind you share with good friends and loved ones!

To see Sarah's Etsy treasury, simply click here! I promise you won't be disappointed! And if you would like to see some absolutely beautiful jewelry, check out Sarah's work at her Etsy shop by simply clicking here. It's gorgeous...


  1. You are so sweet! Meeting you is definitely one of the perks of doing art fairs!

  2. I am finally finding time to pop in and say Hi....I met you at the creative connection event..I think on the bus to the Junk memory is not so good but I do have your card so I was able to track you down.

    I do love your blog....and your work.

    I am off to visit your etsy store right now!!!

    Hugs for a great weekend.



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