Sunday, September 5, 2010

Retro patterns anyone?!

Do you remember when i took a road trip up to Menasha in August to pick up some vintage fabrics and patterns that a lovely lady was going to give me for free?! Well here are some pixs of all the retro sewing patterns that she so generously gave me! It was almost overwhelming as the boxes kept coming out the door. There are easily over 100 hundred retro sewing patterns, many unused, from the 1970s through the 1990s, ranging from children to adults, men to women, and casual to business attire! Now that i have had them for a little while, I have had a chance to go through them and take the ones I really liked! These are all the patterns left over! Now I need to figure out what i am going to do with them...

After some deliberation I have decided that i would first like to try to give my found treasure away to any fellow crafters who are interested! So I think I will first put a few feelers out to local artists, and sewing stores, maybe put some signs up, etc.

Next, if that doesn't work I will put an ad up on Craigslist and try to recoup some of the gas money spent on driving to Menasha.

And finally, if all else fails, I will take them to the local thrift shop and replenish the many vintage and kitschy treasures I have found over the years!

So...if anyone is interested in a large selection of retro sewing patterns be sure to contact me!

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