Monday, September 13, 2010

New Collage Jewelry Box!

Here are some pixs of my latest collage jewelry box! Again I took a vintage jewelry box and added my own art and collage using original images from vintage sewing patters, old ledger paper, vintage wrapping paper, pretty little paper doilies, both acrylic and water color paints, charcoal pencils, and whatever else struck my fancy!

These two lovely ladies have such a wonderful look to them! I just love the dresses and retro hair styles! I just can't get enough of the vintage sewing patterns. They have such fabulous designs to use, and as you can see I even used some of the pattern tissue paper!

The sides are decorated with many layers of paint, paper, and art! I really enjoyed the way the layering of paint on the doilies created this great textures! I didn't now that is what would happen when I started layering the paper and paint, and now I am just so pleased with the look! I love when playing with art leads to fantastic new discoveries for techniques!

Here I created fun scallops using vintage gift wrap paper and a charcoal pencil for a little extra oomph! I feel that it adds some more whimsy to the whole look of the box!

And finally if you simply love the outside of the box, wait till you see the inside! It's this wonderful pink velvet and satin fabric, with great little ring boxes that spread out as the box opens! It even came with a little gold key tucked inside so that you can keep all your treasures safe! I found this little treasure at an estate sale earlier in the year and was so excited! Now I love it even more! My newest creation will make it's debut at The Creative Connection next week in Minneapolis. I hope it will find a good home!

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