Monday, August 9, 2010

Off to a good home! Goodbye to my first collage jewelry box

My first attempt at a collage jewelry box found a new home this weekend at the Art Fest in Middleton, WI! Using a large vintage jewelry box, I covered the top with fun, vintage sewing patterns. The sides were then covered in articles from a 1950's book on improving your personality. To finish the box off, I added some pink acrylic paint (watered down and applied ever so lightly) and black and white polka dots. Then to give a little bit more height to the box, I attached 4 vintage wooden thread spools for the legs, again painted and decorated with bits of paper from a vintage dictionary page. Scroll down to see more images!

Here the box to a happy new home! Is it pathetic that I will miss this little bit of art? It always happens when I sell original's like giving a way a little part of me. Sadly enough, I often give the customer a brief lecture on making sure the art goes to a good home! Probably not a great way to treat a customer...but I can't help it!

After the success of this creation, I am going to work on creating some more artful collage jewelry boxes! Doesn't every girl need a little alter of art to store her sparkly accessories in?

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