Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cottage Goddess

This past Saturday I took a short drive out to Paoli to visit Cottage Goddess, a wonderful little store filled with antiques, art, and lots of thrifty goodness, including handmade hats & bags (by Old Hat, Modern Millinery), and lots of antiques and artfully upholstered furniture. The store itself is in a beautiful old mill, near a park, with a lovely little river rolling through! Cottage Goddess truly is a delight for the eyes and I encourage everyone to take the short drive out from Madison to Paoli. The town also features a few other fun little shops and artist galleries to explore!

To see more Old Hat/Modern Millinery's wonderful creations, visit Betsy's Facebook page here

In June, Cottage Goddess will host an art fair in this beautiful park and Artsy Fartsy will be there! Check back for more information as I will post it as I get it!

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