Sunday, October 12, 2014

Halloween! My Favorite Holiday of the Year!

Oh it's so exciting! Halloween is almost here! It's my very favorite holiday of the year. I just love the changing of the seasons, the beautiful Fall colors, the cooling temps, watching scary movies with friends and so much more! As you can see below Halloween d├ęcor and goodies are popping up around my home...

Lots of Halloween art is finding it's way into my art booth like these fun pumpkins! You can find Artsy Fartsy at the last few Farmer's Markets in downtown Madison on Saturdays, weather permitting. Artsy Fartsy can always be found in front of Ian's Pizza on State St. There are only a few markets left so come on down before it's too late!

And as you can see little Lulu girl is happy as can be burrowing under the blankets on these cooler Fall days and nights!

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