Monday, July 2, 2012

More To Love Skirts!

Well, it's official More To Love Handmade Skirts made their debut this past weekend! From the garment rack we made out of pipes to the fun little hand painted tags on each skirt, I was super proud of myself, the product, & the display! Not to mention conquering my fear of putting my sewing skills & clothing design out there. I continue to feel strongly about my goal as offer fun, artsy skirts for plus size gals! This is a hole in the market, & I personally am sick of finding only blah, boring, potato sack shaped clothing for plus size ladies in stores. Can I get a Hell Yeah to that!

This market had only looks & no sales, but I hope over time more interest will come! I am working on more skirts this week & will be back at next saturdays's farmers market in madison, as well as an art fair at The Paine Museum & Gardens in Oshkosh on Sunday! wish me luck!


  1. If it ever cools off I'll come take a look at the Madison Farmer's Market!

  2. Will they be at the craftacular? And what's the cost so I can save now (whatever it is they are worth it!)



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