Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bright and Bold! A New Skirt Creation!

Once, when I was on a tour of beautiful southern historical homes in Charleston, South Carolina, I heard the museum tour guide explain that many of the homes had been designed in a Georgian Palladian Style, which meant that the key design features were "bright, bold and beautiful!" Now I don't know much about architecture, but I have always loved that phrase, and realize that it summarizes my goal when I create art, clothing, or whatever! What a lovely turn of words to try to live your life as!

Following in those foot steps, here is a skirt I actually created last fall, but recently got around to taking some pictures of! In addition to the bright and fun flowers, I added some pockets (I always need pockets!) and some vintage lace to the bottom for a little extra oomph! The lace was plain old white, but I hand painted it so I could match it to my vision of what the skirt should look like! The end result was lovely!

The best part about this skirt is that it also led me down the path of starting to sell my skirts! A lovely customer saw me wearing this skirt at an art fair and kept pushing me to make her one to buy. At first, I was shy and didn't feel like I could do it, but a small voice in my head said otherwise. From that emerged a lovely new artistic goal in which I hope to make skirts for plus size ladies, like myself! I have always found that the fun and funky clothing for plus size gals was lacking in stores. So this spring, before the art fairs start up, I hope to explore this avenue more! I have even come up with a business name for the skirts..."More To Love!" I will keep you posted as this new endeavor grows. For now, a version of this skirt has found a new home, and I can officially call myself a clothing artist!

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  1. Awesome Allison!! There are definitely NOT enough skirt makers in the world :)



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