Sunday, August 14, 2011

A New Cutting Table For Me!

I recently finished building myself a lovely new cutting table in my art studio and I must say it turned out quite lovely! I got the idea from this blog post, using 4 separate modular shelving units (found at any large department store), which I happened to already have! So after a little moving around, measuring, and cleaning, voila...a brand new cutting table for me!
The best thing about the table is that it's higher up, so I don't have to bend down when cutting fabric or working on a project. For the top of the table I purchased a large piece of ply wood and had it cut to the needed size of 3 x 5 ft. I then covered the top with some white, vinyl fabric, purchased at Joann's, with a coupon, stapling it to the piece of wood. Now it is nice and easily cleaned.
All 4 of the shelves have cubbies, which allow for lots of great storage for fabric or whatever else I need, all nice and easily accessible!
All together, not counting the 4 shelving units I already had, the total cost for my new cutting table was about $30.00!

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  1. I was gonna say "you lucky girl!" but I see that you made your own "luck"...puttin' that together. It's awesome!




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