Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Cleaning in the Art Room

I have been doing some spring cleaning and organizing in my art room! I know, I know...I can hear you all saying "boy she sure cleans and organizes her art room a lot." And yes, you are right. I do this a lot, but I find that if my art room is too crazy, cluttered, dirty I get frustrated, especially in my hectic life. And I have also learned that if I have a block in an art project, cleaning my art room often brings on new ideas and inspiration! Check out what I recently did...
Now all my fabric is organized and easily visible and accessible when I want it! By the way, these are closet shoe organizers...perfect for small fabric storage (the bigger fabric pieces that are too big to fit in the shoe cubbys are piled on a larger shelf near by).

And I wanted to show you this new fabulous vintage school chair! I love the funky green color. I scored 2 of these for less than $5.00 each recently and they are a great fit in the art room!

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  1. Hi I was wondering if I could pin your organization idea on pinterest?
    I love the shoe organizer for small like fat quarters, I have a board on pinterest for quilting studio ideas.



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