Sunday, March 20, 2011

You're A Good Egg!

Just finished some new Easter collages, in the shape of big eggs! Perfect for hanging on your door or wall to welcome in the Easter and Spring season! Check it out...

Both of these are now for sale at The Glitter Workshop here in Madison, so be sure to stop on by soon before they find another home. I had so much fun making them I am going to get cracking on a few more, even one for my front door I think! In addition to these collages, I also dropped off some fun vintage goodies and yummy fabric at Glitter Workshop, so make sure you check out both the awesome handmade crafts and the vintage boutique!

One last note...sorry I have been a poor blogger lately, it's been busy and life has been speeding by. In addition to my full time job as a social worker, my poor little dog has been healing from a back injury and has been needing lots of TLC, vet appointments, and careful monitoring. She is starting to get better, but the recovery is slow and cautious. So I hope you forgive my lack of blogging lately. I promise to try and do better!

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