Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vintage Vocabulary Flash Cards - A Fabulous Find!

I recently found something at a thrift store that got me hopping up and down with so much excitement, the poor lady shopping near me probably thought I was a little nutty! But I simply could not contain my excitement, as I found a huge box of vintage vocabulary flash cards, ripe for collage mixed media projects! Check it out...

I love how the cards are called "Sunshine" (see it written in the lower left hand corner of each card), which will be such a fun little addition to the collage! Don't you think?

My new fabulous vintage find will be added to these other two vintage flash cards I found last year at the Junk Bonanza in Minnesota. I just can't wait to start working with them! Do you have any fun new vintage finds? I would love to hear about it!


  1. oh those are so lovely!!! make cards, make tags, sew them all together and make a flash card banner!!! sew them to your cool pants! then you can walk around and tell people you are 'flashing' them, and ask if they feel smarter!

  2. What a treasure you found! I have looked everywhere for these and they are so hard to find at a reasonable price!



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