Thursday, March 31, 2011

Celebrate The Girl! A New Collage Box For Charity

I just finished up this brand new collage box entitled "Celebrate The Girl!" I created it from a vintage wooden cigar box, lots of fun vintage images from a children's book, vintage greeting cards, vintage vocabulary cards and a children's dictionary, patterned paper, stamps, paint, charcoal pencil, and vintage wooden spools for the legs. I think it turned out lovely! Scroll down for more details. 

I just love this little girl! So cute!

Birds seem to always find their way into my art! This one came from a vintage Thank You card.

Wonderful words from vintage vocabulary flash cards and a vintage children's dictionary.

A close up of the vintage wooden spools that I used for legs on the box. I really love to use these and want to find more ideas for other projects with them.

And finally I had to add some color and polka dots to the inside. I love making things both pretty on the outside and in! 

I have donated this new creation to the following art show, scheduled for April 15th! Any money raised from the event will go to support programs for the agency I work for, the Mental Health Center of Dane County. 
I usually don't talk a lot about my job on this blog, as it devoted more to my art, but I love how this is a great example of how my love of art and my life as a social worker often blend and interact with each other. I have always been very proud of my job as a social worker, providing in-home family therapy to families at risk. I am also proud to say I work for the Mental Health Center as I feel that it is truly an agency that strives to provide care and support to all people, no matter what their age, finances, race, culture, etc. As a result, The Mental Health Center, a non-profit organization, often provides services to an ever increasing population of consumers, while struggling with decreasing budget cuts. Proceeds from this event will help the agency continue to provide services to all who come to our doors asking for help. So, if you can, please visit the events's facebook page for more information, and try to spread the word. It is sure to be a fun and artful event! 


  1. I love your vintage homage to girls!!
    "Put a Bird on it!" Could be your new tag line...

  2. Love!!! Love and triple love the box! Miss your happy little smile! Your work makes me think of spring and that gives me hope that the snow will TRULY go away soon!



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