Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dreaming of Spring

Well Madison, WI has had a ton of snow this week, and I always get to a point in the Winter months, usually around February, where I start to complain about the cold and snow. Today I realize that I am starting to get to that point. My skin is dry and itchy, the snow is so high on my patio that if I stepped onto it right now, the snow would be up to my hips, my poor little dog is not feeling well (which always makes me worried since she is my little baby), and I find it hard to get myself to focus on anything more than Say Yes To The Dress episodes on Netflix and taking naps. So in an attempt to rejuvenate myself, my spirit, my energy, and my art, I thought I would post some pixs from last Spring and Summer that remind me that Winter will eventually come to an end and all will be well again.
First, a beautiful angel statue in a garden, clearly in deep contemplation over if she should have tea or coffee with her cheesecake! 

Adorable little ducklings all in a row, learning the finer points of swimming from their proud Momma! 
My favorite shoes to wear in warmer weather, and, let's be honest, they always go with everything! 
Pansies are such a beautiful sight and one of my favorite in the spring! These were growing on my patio last year and I miss them so!

A friendly little Dragonfly taking a rest on my Mom's hand this past summer. I think Dragonfly's really love my art because we often find them around the booth during art fairs and try to take a picture each time! Hey, dragonfly's have great taste too! 

And finally, my muse and Artsy Fartsy business image, my Great Grandmother, looking splendid and sassy in her bathing suit, jewels, and crown. She sure doesn't look like she ever let a little cold weather and snow get her down!  

There, now doesn't that make you feel better! It does for me! Hopefully later today my poor little wiener dog will start to feel better and I can stop fretting about her. Then I will get myself to thy art room and keep working on some valentine crafts and a fun spring skirt I started earlier in the week, during our most recent blizzard. And I promise to show you the final results with some pictures! Until them, stay warm, stay positive, and remember, the seasons always change and soon this snow will melt away to flowers and warm weather! 

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