Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Fairy Houses

I have been having a fun time lately trying to decorate my home for the holidays with my handmade goodies! I think it is true that once you enter into the handmade world, store bought creations just don't seem like that much fun anymore! Some of my latest creations are these cute little stuffed fabric houses. I call them my little Christmas Fairy Houses and they were quite fun to make! Very free style, no patterns and little measuring...more eyeballing. I used all kinds of left over bits and pieces of holiday fabric, some vintage and some new, along with fun trims and some black thread to make the windows and doors pop more! If you were a Christmas fairy wouldn't you want to live in my little village? Your neighbors are my wee deer collection and vintage light up Santa! Pretty nice neighborhood if you ask me! Warning: Christmas Fairy Houses do become a bit addictive so try to set limits for yourself, or better yet...give them away as gifts!

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