Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tricks & Treats!

Well...Halloween is just around the corner so I thought I would share a few fun tricks and treats around the Madison area with you! First, at the Greenway Station mall in Middleton there is a super cool and ginormous tower of pumpkins, kind of like a huge pumpkin Christmas tree! It is really fun and the kids (and adults) will love it! I found it by accident and was quick to take some pixs! What a fun place to take a family Halloween photo!

Next, I recently found a new cupcake boutique in town at Hilldale Mall! It's called Gigi's and the cupcakes are amazing! To find out more about this fun little cupcakery, check out their website here. My favorite part is that every day of the week there is a new variety of theoretically, one could go there hmmm, say every day, and try a new flavor every time! This could be dangerous! Inside the little store you will find some of my favorite colors adorning the walls, like pink and brown. And they have these fabulous hot pink metal chairs and tables to sit at while you eat your cupcake...or cupcakes if it's that kind of day!

So, there you have suggestions for your own little personal Halloween tricks and treats if you are in the Madison, WI area. I hope everyone has a wonderful and spooky Halloween weekend and if you are around town, be sure to stop by the Dane County Farmer's Market this Saturday and say hi to me at my art booth! It's one of the last weekends of the year for the outdoor farmer's market in Madison and the weather man is reporting sunny weather! Hope to see you there!

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