Monday, September 20, 2010

Back from The Creative Connection

Well I am back now from the Creative Connection in Minneapolis and feel that it was trip well worth made! The sales at the actual Handmade Market could have been better, but the experience was much more rich in the form of new friendships, meeting some amazing artists and crafters, as well as some women I truly admire in the crafting world! Don't you just love this shot! Just me playing around with a mustache on a stick!

Anyhoo...there is a ton to report and share, which I will be putting onto the blog in the next few days! But I wanted to start you off with some pixs from the Junk Bonanza, which i got to escape to on Friday for a little while! It was fun and I found some cute little vintage items to use in future art projects. But the best thing was this adorable little trailer, welcoming people into the show.

Can't you just envision this treasure trailing behind your car, or parked in your backyard!

Love, love, love the bicycle planter on the back!

And the inside was retrofied to the max! Too cute! Someday I will have a cute trailer like this...except maybe more pink and turquoise in color! A girl can dream!


  1. LOVELY!!!! I want to live in that camper! So cute! Someday, someday!

  2. So dissappointed I didn't get to meet you... Which day were you there? I had my Mimi-Toria's Designs booth right near the pizza place and mini donut station in the Main Building. Did you get over that way?
    Maybe, next year. :)

  3. Hee hee, I think there are two Artsy Fartsy's, as the one I know is from out East.
    I hope you enjoyed the CC and JB events. I would of loved to have gone to the CC, but as a vendor, it just didn't work out.



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