Monday, August 23, 2010

I love old houses!

Check out this amazing old house we found on our road trip to Menasha and Neenah last week! While wandering around the town, we found this little island, called Dotty Island, tucked in between a lake and some rivers. On it were tons of neat houses and beautiful little tree lined streets. Most of the homes were pretty fancy and new, but some were old, beautiful Victorians! I just love old homes! I would so much rather spend my money (if I had any) on fixing up an old home with lots of character and history rather than living in a new place. And this statement is coming from a person who once lived in an old building that's roof collapsed, so trust me when I say I know the dangers of old buildings! Anywho...isn't this house beautiful! I think it was abandoned and clearly in need of some love, but can't you just envision the possibilities! The back of the house also butted up against a small river! I hope somebody buys it and restores it, or uses it in a haunted house movie! Either way, it was a neat find for a road trip to Menasha!

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