Monday, May 17, 2010

A Norwegian tradition and a visit with a good friend: A recap of my weekend art fair!

All in all it was a good weekend for the first official art fair of 2010. Although we have been doing some Saturdays at the Farmer's Market already, this past weekend was our first official art fair in Stoughton, WI at the Syttende Mai Folk Festival. For those of you who are not Norwegian savvy (including me), Syttende Mai is the celebration of Norway's independence from Denmark. The weather was lovely, the streets tree lined and pretty, people were dressed in traditional Norwegian garb everywhere you look, and during the slow periods of the art fair I got to visit with my good friend Andrea and her cutie patootie daughter, Rayna!
Aren't they cute! Andrea and I first met in college while we were studying Social Work at UW-Madison! Fast forward about 9 years and we are still good friends! After a little while, Rayna began to have fun snapping shots with my camera...

As you can see, Rayna is well on her way to becoming a fabulous photographer!

Although the sales were a little slow at the art fair, my mom and I got to try out a new look for the booth, which includes an awesome (and brilliant may I add) use of wall shoe organizers, black tablecloths, and my handmade Artsy Fartsy banner!

Don't the shoe organizers work great for displaying the cards! And the best part...wind doesn't blow the cards everywhere anymore! I love it!

This was also the first show where I put out the new Artsy Fartsy magnets to sell and they actually did pretty well! It is always exciting when you try a new product and people like it!

Next weekend we will be in Oshkosh for the Art Fair at the Paine Art Center and Gardens! Hope the weather will be as lovely as this past weekend and the sales a little bit more brisk!

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