Saturday, May 1, 2010

Farmer's Market Recap

Well...if I stick to the optimist in me, I can say the following positive things occurred:
- We made it through the whole Farmer's Market and did not pack up early.
- The weather was sunny, warm, and the wind held off till about 11:30 AM.
- The crowd was pretty big and we sold a few cards and prints.
- It was nice to chat with some new customers, hand out business cards, and meet other artists!
- It was entertaining to watch all the Mifflin St. Block Party revelers around. There was also several other cool events including a march for domestic violence victims where all the men were wearing high heeled shoes (the theme was "walk a mile in her shoes)! And as we were packing up for the day, 2 protests started at the same time, one in support of immigrants, and one for making Marijuana legal. And may I just say that it was possible to get a contact high from the pro marijuana protest as many of the attendants were definitely enjoying their favorite drug!

The downside was that after 11:30 AM the wind got crazy again and things started to blow. I hate the wind!!!! Have I mentioned that before. Unfortunately I did have one small clipboard get damaged, as well as a cute small red suitcase used for display. Never the less, the positive outweighed the negative and I hope to be back next week!

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  1. nice to meet you yesterday! hoping for lovely weather next week!!!



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