Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fabric Dog Collars!

Hi all! My little dog Lulu really needed a new dog collar. The last one I made for her was several years ago and it was looking a little rough. Not to mention the fact that that she has gotten a little bit more chunky with age (similar to her owner) and the collar was fitting tight. So, instead of buying her an new collar at the store (have you ever noticed how expensive the nice ones are?!) I made a new one for her again, using some fun, bright fabric from my scrap bin, the parts from her old collar, and this free pattern by Michelle Patterns! It was super easy to follow. Check out the results below...
Sorry for the blurry pic on the right side...Lulu was not very interested in modeling! Those wiener dogs can be a temperamental lot!


  1. Cute collar! I buy standard-looking ones from the store because I have a huge dog who goes crazy when out on a walk so I need a sturdy one that won't snap from the tension. I just cover it up with an old scarf to give it some personality. :)

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