Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer Recap

Oh Summer you are flying by too fast! I feel a little sad this week as September quickly approaches. You can feel a change in the air already, the light seems different, the air smells different, leaves are slowly starting to turn and drop to the ground...Fall is coming. This summer has been full of loveliness, hard work, art, challenges, and so much more. I have woefully abandoned my blog and for that I am sorry, but I was living life and that is a wonderful reason to do so, don't you think?! So here I am with a small recap of my past summer months. A few snapshots I caught along the way to remember the moments and now to share with you...
There was silliness and time spent with family!

There were adventures had with Lulu, finding new magical places to walk and explore!

There was an amazing field filled with sunflowers and discoveries right in my own community!
Oh I could have lived in that field of sunflowers and been perfectly content!
There was art created, brave art, art that made me explore and wonder!
There were trips to the farmer's market filled with beautiful flowers, delicious vegetables, and so much more.

There was wildlife sightings everywhere and anywhere. You just have to look!
There were goodbyes said to loved ones who will be greatly missed.
There were beaches to wander along and lakes to swim in!
And oh there was so much more! Art fairs, rain storms and lightning that make you jump, laughter, sadness, full moons, trapeze artists in trees, walks in beautiful neighborhoods, kayak trips, curb side treasures found, naps taken, money troubles, mystery shows, books read, and life was lived. Looking back I realize it was a pretty great summer! And one that I will carry with me into Fall. I hope your summer was just as good and filled with many happy moments. I promise to come back and visit this little blog of mine more often. Thank you for your patience. 

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