Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Fabulous New Sewing Show!

Have you heard of this show?
It's fantastic and I just discovered it thanks to my lucky perusing of some of my favorite other sewing blogs. It's a new sewing show on BBC where amateur sewers compete in a variety of sewing tasks to see who is the best.
The group of contestants are great, and I really appreciate the fact that they are mostly like me...people who love sewing and are pretty much learning as they go. During each task you see them struggle and triumph with parts of sewing that we all do battle with like properly reading a pattern, getting your seems straight, battling the machine, ripping out a seam because you did it wrong, and so on and so forth. Often with shows based in the US, which I love, like Project Runway and Fashion Star, I would often find myself wishing I could see more of how they are actually constructing the garments and projects instead of just bits and pieces and then poof...a finished project! This show gives you both! Anyhoo for more information check out the show's website here. And for full free episodes I simply went to You Tube. For your enjoyment here is the first episode...

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! I still have a few more episodes to watch and I hear they are already accepting entries for the next season. Oh a girl can dream!

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