Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Painting away my day off!

Sigh! I have the day off and I have been blissfully painting my time away! In my pajamas no less. Could the day be more lovely! Here's what I have done so far...

I finished my big angel painting! Isn't she lovely?! I really like how she turned out & now I'm itching to go and get some more big canvases to do a whole series of angels!

I was a little intimidated by doing her face as I haven't created a face before. In fact it was the very last thing I did on the canvas. But I really like how it turned out & now feel more confident in trying more faces in the future.

Details of her wings and polka dot dress. Created with lots of layers, paint, paper, & oil pastels.

And as I can't have just one project in the works (I get bored when the paint is drying) I have started working on the background of another large square canvas & an art journal page! Orange & pink are my colors of choice today.

Now I think I might take a nap & dream of what kind of artsy trouble I can get into layer today! Hope you have a lovely day.


  1. You are rocking' that Angel!! I finally made the switch to blogspot honey and I am staying here. :-) I will definitely need an Alisson Angel for my studio!

  2. Ooh I just found your blog! Awesome work! I can't help but admire people like you who use lots of varied materials in their work. I can never really imagine it all working together until it's done - which really interrupts the creative process! I'm loving the bright colours too ^_^



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