Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Good Start Indeed!

Yesterday was the 1st Farmers Market here in Madison! It was cold, but sunny. I had to wear many layers of clothing, but I got a little sunburn because I kept trying to find the sun to warm up! It was so nice seeing other artsy vendors after the winter break! Being part of an art community is a lovely feeling!

The booth set up after a break always takes a little longer, but all in all it went well! See our new screen doors? Our old ones were finally laid to rest after a couple years of use, getting banged up a lot. Don't you just love the new colors! They are so bright and cheery!

I think the art really pops on the new doors, & I love how they stand out in a sea of other art booths!

A few new collages made it just in time for the market! And lots more to come so keep checking back!

I also made a new batch of Artsy Fartsy pillows! Really bright & cheery & ready to decorate your couch or chair!

And, of course, my little houses made an appearance too! It's supposed to be sunny next Saturday, so hopefully we will be back at the market and it will be a little warmer, so I don't have to wear 2 pairs of pants, my winter coat, mittens, etc. etc.

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  1. ooh, love the pillows and houses and new screen doors! Can't wait to shop at Craftstravaganza!



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