Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Repurposed Clothing!

Lately I have felt much more confident in my sewing skills, especially in the area of clothing! It's funny how you can stress and worry about a project, but then one day it just feels right and you do it successfully. Then you are left to wonder why you worried about it at all in the first place! Over Christmas I conquered pajama pants (I like to call them happy pants!), and my skirt making is still going splendidly, with my first paying customer having recently arrived! Now I have a new fun project where I have been repurposing old shirts of mine that were a little too short, or too boring. Using bits and pieces from other old shirts, I have been adding fun layers, making the shirts longer, full of character, and way more comfortable then they used to be! Here are some pixs of one of my creations...

(I took these pictures outside in the cold so I could catch the natural light, thus I look like I am ready to bolt for the house so I could get warm!)

I used the bottom of three other knit, striped shirts for the bottom, and of course added a pocket for my carrying needs! I call this creation my heart dress! I have also taken to finding my material (old shirts and fabric) at thrift stores, so that way I save money and don't feel bad about cutting up new clothing! This was so much fun to make, plan on seeing a lot more from me!


  1. Love it! Makes me want to get my sewing machine out and dust it off! :D

  2. I want that, seriously we need to discuss my new fun wardrobe! And my trip to see you!



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