Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Beautiful Day At the Orchard!

On Sunday I spent the day at the Lapacek Orchard in Poynette for a fun little craft fair! The weather was amazing. It's hard to put my finger on it, but something happens at the end of August, where the air starts to turn, the smells change, the light becomes different from summer and your whole body is telling you that Fall is just around the corner! In addition to the craft fair, there were lots of other beautiful sights at the orchard, including lots of animals, beautiful flowers, fresh fruit, and a whole sunflower patch for me to explore! I snapped lots of pixs and wanted to share them with you. Hope you enjoy! This is my favorite picture! I mean come on...you can't get a better, more happy sign than this! What a great reminder to take your time and be sure to play in the flowers!

I probably snapped about a million pictures of sunflowers! They were so beautiful and bright, cheery and glorious! Taller than me, they reached up to the blue sky proud and happy! The sunflower patch is a place I would stay forever if I could!

Had to throw in a picture of my feet and favorite orange sandals! What can I say, I am a Pisces, which means I am into feet! and I have always thought mine were lovely!
Somebody creative came up with great idea to use the tall, strong stalks of sunflowers to grow squash on, so all throughout the sunflower patch, little cute and colorful squash could be found growing and climbing! I loved that!

In addition to sunflowers, raspberries were happily living in their own patch, just waiting for little fingers to pick them and eat!

Apples were everywhere and amazing to see them pulling their branches down with the weight of their abundance!
And baby kittens were dozing in the sun, exhausted from children and certain artists (me) petting and cuddling them! It took a lot for me to not take one home, but I was afraid my little dog might think it was a toy for her, and not another living animal not to be nibbled on.

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