Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Birthday Collage Art!

I just finished some brand new collage art! The theme is birthday, but it really is for everyday as it reminds us all to live each day like it's your birthday!

I call this lovely, yet stern looking, lady Mavis. I found her amidst a pile of vintage pictures in a trunk at an antique store, and thought she needed to come home with me. Isn't she fabulous? Although Mavis clearly is not the most jovial person in this photo, I like to think there is some fun behind that stern face! Although I will admit if you catch Mavis in the wrong light she can kind of creep you out! I love how Mavis' stern face humorously contradicts the positive and fun vibe of the art around her!

This collage is full of lots of layers of paints, paper, glitter, and lots of other artsy goodness! I will be adding one more little detail, a pretty bow for Mavis' birthday hat, but I couldn't scan her with it because it would have screwed up the image a little as it will stick out from the art. So, if you want to see Mavis, her bow, and all her birthday goodness, come on by the Artsy Fartsy booth next week at the Farmer's Market where she will be making her debut!

1 comment:

  1. Love this! Birthdays, birthday cake, birthday presents, birthday cake batter ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery...lord it is too early for that, but some day...I will have that for breakfast, perhaps on my birthday???? When is your birthday?



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