Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Lovely Day

I had the day off today so I took my little dog Lulu and went exploring in the lovely spring weather. Our destination was a little island I had driven by earlier in the week, which you can access by driving down a narrow gravel driveway. It's called Governor's Island, and along with a free parking area, there are paths everywhere, winding through the woods and down to the shore, where you can catch wonderful views of the city of Madison! It was so lovely to be walking outside and spying the Spring plants beginning to sprout up. The birds were chirping and there was a lovely light breeze. As I wandered the paths near the shore, I suddenly began to spy wonderful little jewels of sea glass, tumbled smooth by the water and waves. I was so excited by this because I have a distinct memory as a little girl of collecting sea glass on a beach during a family vacation. I loved the soft colors and smooth tumbled feel of each piece, almost calling for someone to rub their fingers along them. Lulu and I were able to find a whole bag of beautiful glass and seashells, which we carefully brought back home with us! Check it out... I am going to look for a some kind of pretty jar to keep my new treasures in so I can always remember to take time to relax, explore, and find some sea glass!
Here are some more shots from my little adventure...
Little Lulu exploring the beach and being my helpful treasure hunting assistant! This was a big day for her as it was the first day out for a walk since her back injury earlier in the year. I am happy to report that she is doing great!

If you want to check out Governor's Island, click here

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