Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Brand New Glitter Workshop!

Very exciting news here in Madison...The Glitter Workshop is back! If you are not familiar with this wonderful store, then you missed out on something great! Once located on the east side, it was a true haven for crafters of all kinds, brimming with wonderful handmade goodies for all! Sadly, the store closed a few years ago and we have all missed it. But never fear, Naomi and her glitter is back and better than ever, with a brand new west side location (dangerously close to my home and right next door to the fabulous Stitcher's Crossing)! Last night I took a huge load of Artsy Fartsy greeting cards to the store and got a tour, and let me tell you the space is fabulous, with a room for teaching classes, a lovely dressing room, and even a kids room for play, not to mention plenty of store space to sell all kinds of lovely handmade goodies and vintage fun! The grand reopening is next Saturday, 11/13 and is sure to be wonderful! So be sure to stop on by and start your Christmas shopping!

In addition to a new store front location, Naomi is also throwing her awesome Holiday Craftacular again on 12/11 and, I promise you, it should not be missed! Artsy Fartsy, along with a ton of other wonderful artists will be there selling their crafty goodness for all to enjoy so mark your calendars now! The first 50 shoppers will get a free goody bag, filled with lots of yummy treats from the artists!

But long before the Holiday Craftcular comes our way, I will be participating in the new Crafty Fair, created by Rosy of Recreative Crafts! I think it will be a really great mix of artists and super fun!

Now I am off to get crafting for the Holidays! Hope to see you at the Crafty Fair!

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  1. can't wait until Craftacular!!!! Painting like a mad woman!!! :-) jingle jingle jingle



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