Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Artsy Fartsy Christmas Stockings

The Glitter Workshop in Madison is carrying my Artsy Fartsy Christmas stockings now!
So I thought I would share some pictures with you before they are all gone!

Each stocking is handmade by me, with a variety of fun, funky Christmas fabric and festive trim! To make the stockings strong and durable (in case you really want to load them up with gifts) I added interfacing in between the fabric layers for some extra oomphf!

Each stocking is then adorned with one of my original collage holiday designs...some naughty & some nice! But all fun & signed by the artist!

Finally, as with any fabric creation I make, I sprayed the stockings with a fabric protector so spot washing usually does the trick....you know, in case you are trying to stuff the stockings while eating chocolate!

I have a dream that my Artsy Fartsy stockings will soon adorn every home in America and beyond! It is the first step in my evil plot to rule the world...bwa ha ha ha (evil laugh)! Just kidding...but really...these would look fun and funky in any home! And don't you ever get a little sick of the traditional Christmas decorations? Well these are definitely the cure for that! Hope you like them!

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