Thursday, April 22, 2010

Confectionique's Very First Craft Market!

Don't forget! Confectionique's very first craft market is this Saturday!! I just dropped off a bunch of Artsy Fartsy tote bags, pillows, greeting cards, clipboards, and notebooks to sell and had a blast while I was there meeting some other artists and chatting with Jessica and Anastasia, Confectionique's crafty sisters! The Confectionique space is sooo cute and the arts and crafts they will be selling are awesome! So if you want to have fun and add some wonderful art to your life, head to the market this Saturday at the Morey Airport, 8300 Airport Rd., Middleton! For more information, check out the Confectionique website here.

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  1. Yippeee!! I hope it's a super successful day for Confectionique! Great to meet you too... Looking forward to chatting more in the future. Good luck with the market tomorrow - oh, how I would love the rain to hold off for just a bit!

    Whimsy House



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