Sunday, March 14, 2010

Today is My Birthday!

Today is my birthday! 31 years ago I was born! All in all it was a lovely and relaxing weekend! I took Thursday and Friday off from work for some "me" time, and then on Saturday spent the afternoon with my mom and sister exploring Spring Green and Baraboo, WI. We had lunch at one of the best little cafes in Baraboo called The Village Cafe! This morning my sister took me out for breakfast and then I spent the rest of the day taking 2 naps (awesome), and working on art stuff! This is a pix of my birthday cake, or what was left of it! It was the one gift I asked for, a butter cream frosting cake from the best bakery in Madison...La Brioche! I recommend it to everyone! Thanks to all of you kind and sweet people who wished me a happy birthday! Now, I am off to start a new year on a great foot!

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